Bengal tigers

Fun Facts

-Male tigers are about 9-10 ft long from their head to the tips of their tails.
-From the ground to their shoulders, they stand about 36 inches tall.
-Male tigers can also weigh up to 575 pounds.
-Tigers usually mate in the spring and a female tiger can have a litter of up to 4 cubs.
-The male will mate with a female close to her home. He will stay with her for up to 80 days and then leave, having nothing to do with the raising of the cubs.
-The mother will suckle her young for 8 weeks then bring them prey for nourishment. The cubs are able to hunt on their own at 11 months and they stay with the mother for 2-3 years.
-Tigers can live up to 15 years in normal conditions but because they are starting to be bred in captivity, their lifespan is expanding.
-The roar of the Bengal Tiger can be heard 2 miles away.
-Where household cats purr when breathing in and out, tigers only purr when breathing out.